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The Sexton Irish Whiskey - Out with the Old and In with the New

Are you looking to bid farewell to a tumultuous 2020 in style? One way is to treat yourself to a glass of The Sexton. It’s a new breed of Irish Whiskey which comes with a memorable flavour contained within a great looking bottle.

2020 has been a year like no other and will not be going down in the annals of history as one of the better ones. With the dawn of a new year almost upon us, we all have an opportunity to reward ourselves for getting through this trying time and look forward to what will hopefully be a much better 2021. A straightforward way to do this is with a delicious tipple, providing you are of drinking age and in moderation, of course.

There are countless variations of drinks on the market and knowing which one to go for is no easy task. Over the past 12 months, it’s been one of our missions to find some of the best ‘under the radar’ drinks. Fortunately, and time for the new year, we’ve discovered another one, and it’s called The Sexton.

A view from above showing the hexagonal shape of the bottle

Differentiating oneself from the rest of the pack is tough, but the people behind The Sexton have done it. The bottle the Sexton comes in is quite beautiful. It’s made from dark glass and what makes it stand out is its hexagonal shape. Another nice feature is the fonts used on the silver and gold labelling on the bottle which conjures up images of smoky bars in the 1800s and does look rather smart.

A bottle of The Sexton Irish whiskey displaying the skull image with a top hat

The Sexton Story
The Sexton is a new Irish single malt whiskey. It was conceived in Northern Ireland and is the brainchild of Master Blender Alex Thomas who is one of the few female whiskey blenders in the world today.mm131安卓下载 mm131安卓下载 ,杂乱小说二第十二部分 杂乱小说二第十二部分

To create The Sexton, Alex paid considerable attention to the maturation process, which has resulted in an ideal balance between spirit and oak. She was fascinated by the whiskey-making process’s maturation phase, and her detailed work has resulted in a perfect balance between spirit and oak.

“It’s fantastic to bring The Sexton Single Malt Irish Whiskey to the United Kingdom during such an exciting time for the category. After years of experimenting with different cask profiles and laying the liquid to rest for just the right amount of time, I’m pleased to share a rich and deeply flavourful Irish single malt that is ideal for mixing in cocktails. In doing things differently, we want to celebrate those who are also forging their own path and leaving their mark on the world.” – Alex Thomas.

A bottle of The Sexton Irish whiskey displaying the skull image with a top hat

Why is called Sexton?
The word ‘Sexton’ comes from ‘sacristanus’ which is a Medieval Latin word. The word means a custodian of sacred objects. You might have noticed from the images that the bottle label and the bottle top displays a skull wearing a top hat which some people might be confused by. This too has links to the past. The same word is used to describe the person who prepares a grave who would also be the last person to see a body being laid to rest.

Making The Sexton
The Sexton Single Malt is entirely from Irish malted barley and is triple distilled in copper stills before being aged in Oloroso sherry butts.

The oak casks have been air-dried for sixteen months and seasoned with Oloroso sherry for two years. To achieve a perfect harmony of flavours, first, second and third fill casks are used. This creates an ideal balance between the toasted oak notes and sweet sherry flavours.

The final result is a smooth and rich whiskey which is ideal for cocktail making and an ideal drink to welcome in what we all hope will be a better year ahead.

A bottle of Sexton on a piano in a bar

The Sexton – Where and how?

The Sexton is available from leading wine & spirits shops including Master of Malt and Waitrose supermarkets. The retail recommend price for a bottle is £30. You can read more about The Sexton and its background story on the distiller’s official website at

Tasting Notes
When smelling The Sexton, you will detect hints of spice, fruits, marzipan and dark chocolate. On the palate, you’ll discover a very mild sweetness that slowly fades away, honeyed malt and oils coupled with a gentle wood finish.

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